# russia

The bourgeoisie , who had seized power is not able to meet the claims.
Lenin comes from exile on April 3 and marks the strategy by the Bolsheviks :
- No support for the government
- End of imperialist war
- Creation of a republic of soviets
- Nationalization of land and banking
In April, because tensions remain and continue stirring rallies going to drop the provisional government . It forms a coalition government ( KADET and Mensheviks ) , who plans to continue the war and achieve peace at least not unfavorable .
However, the failure of the offensive and the bad economy will cause strikes , to which employers respond to business closure (lock -out ) . Luov will resign in July, and formed a new coalition government headed by Kerensky .
The failure of the offensive of July 3 was the signal that the Bolsheviks were waiting for the start of the popular uprising in S. Petersburg and the subsequent takeover. On day 4, the government calls Front loyal troops and take control of the capital. Kerensky accused the Bolsheviks of traitors and their leaders are imprisoned ( Kamenev , Trotsky ) . Lenin managed to escape to Finland .
Right now the counterattack occurs counterrevolutionary forces :
- There will be a smear campaign against Lenin
- Pressure allies to continue the war
Kerensky intended to establish a parliamentary republic . Meets Moscow State Conference , attended by representatives of the soviets and former Members of the dumas to choose a state model for Russia.

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